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1. Celina Y.

Han Il Kwan has truly left an impression on my taste buds with its delectable Korean cuisine and abundance of mouthwatering side dishes. As a lover of Korean food, I was thrilled to explore this culinary gem, and it didn't disappoint.

2. Sally Y.

We were a group of 11, so we called and made reservations for a large table at when they open at 11:00am for lunch. There's no line! The decor reminds me of Korea and the menu was extensive. The side dishes were terrific and super tasty. The tiny anchovies and soft bean roll were my faves.

3. Cassandra Z.

Stopped by for lunch with friends and this place is absolutely amazing. I think the lunch menu was a great deal, but would still be happy paying dinner prices too for how yummy everything was. The food is warming, delicious, flavorful, and homey. My favorite is the seafood dol sot bibimbap. The sauce is spicy and savory and sweet, it's packed with a variety of seafood (shrimp, octopus, and scallops), and the rice gets nice and crispy with the hot stone pot as you eat it. Also lunch came with a choice of soup or steamed egg and we chose the steamed egg. It was so fluffy and soft- LOVED IT.

4. Chloe H.

I was really excited about coming to Han Il Kwan because my Korean friend has told me that it's the best Korean restaurant in SF (especially after I repeatedly complained that there is no good Korean food in SF). We came here on a weekday for dinner and there was barely a wait. We waited around 10 mins to get seated at a bbq table. It started clearing out around 7pm, so you'd have a pretty good chance of getting seated right away if you come around that time (if you're okay with a short dining time).

5. Elaine W.

Best Korean place I've been in the Bay Area. I'm always on the lookout for good homie Korean places after leaving LA, and I'm glad to have found one that hits the spot. The banchan we were served are abundant in varieties and all delicious. The steamed egg is also something I've been craving but is a rare find in the bay. After dinner we were also offered sweet rice water. These were all for free!