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Our Story

At Han Il Kwan, our story is a journey that blends the rich tapestry of Korean cuisine with a dedication to excellence and a commitment to sharing this culinary treasure with the world.

The Beginning

Our tale started in 2000 when Restaurant Agent, Inc., the driving force behind Han Il Kwan, first emerged in San Diego with the creation of This marked the genesis of our online hospitality services, encompassing restaurant marketing and concierge services. We began in San Diego, but our ambitions stretched far beyond, and our passion for food and the desire to share it led us to expand our footprint.

Expanding Horizons

After tasting success in San Diego, we decided to introduce our professional services to the greater metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Portland, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. Through our network of websites, we've been able to extend the reach of our culinary expertise, connecting people with the diverse, flavorful world of Korean cuisine.

A Culinary Journey

Han Il Kwan is more than a restaurant; it's an experience, a journey into the heart of Korean culinary traditions. Our restaurant guide serves as your passport to explore authentic dishes, seasoned with the magic of Korean spices and ingredients. From meticulously crafted menus to professional and user reviews, our listings bring the essence of each dish to life. You can peruse wine lists, admire photo galleries, delve into chef profiles, and discover signature recipes that have been perfected over generations.

Beyond the Plate

We are not just a digital presence. Behind our website is a team of professionals ready to make your dining experience exceptional. Our online and phone concierge services offer personalized assistance, and our group and special event planning ensures your celebrations are unforgettable. For restaurant owners, we offer services like custom marketing, reservation management, and online advertising management to help them thrive.

Connecting Communities

Beyond food, we keep you connected with the heartbeat of your city. Our city-wide event calendar ensures you don't miss out on the latest happenings. If you're searching for job opportunities or special offers, our job board and special offer directory are at your service. We also enhance your dining experience with unique editorial features like our wine guide, ensuring every visit is a memorable one.

Join Our Journey

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast of Korean cuisine or a newcomer eager to explore new flavors, we invite you to be part of our story. Han Il Kwan is your gateway to a world of culinary adventure, where tradition meets innovation, and every dish tells a story. Join us in celebrating the art of Korean dining.

Taste the Excellence at Han Il Kwan.